Our Approach

I've been painting since I was a kid (over 50 years). I grew up in Birmingham, MI and moved to California in 2006. When I'm not painting, I can be found designing homes, building homes and sailing.

The pictures I paint mostly come from my head. As I fall asleep, I paint in my mind. Later on, I take brush to canvas. Covid has given me time to really work on my paintings.

Most of the projects that I've sold were large pieces, over 7feet x 3 1/2 feet. If you're interested in my existing work, if it speaks to you as it does to me, make an offer. It's more important to me that my art gets out there than holding to a price.  If you have an idea for a painting, I'm happy to work with you to get the painting that you want.


Gary Binder 2021


Our Story


Gary Binder

Sailor, Builder, Writer, Designer;  Artist